GW2 Guru Min/Max Guide

Check out this post over on Guild Wars 2 Guru for some good advice on current best builds, gear and tactics.

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Final Karma Weekend 23rd August

The Clockwork Chaos update went live yesterday and introduced a change to karma consumables (jugs et al); the amount given when using a consumable was increased but boosts, such as our monthly guild karma boost, the gem store boost etc, no longer worked with them.

People who had saved up were unhappy and an update followed to temporarily change it back.

As such I’ll be running the guild karma weekend a week early, this Friday (23rd August) at 9pm, running to 9pm Saturday, so everyone can use up saved karma. After this there will be no more guild karma weekends.

Certain combinations of karma boosts stack, so to get the most out of your saved up consumables you should combine the following:

  • Gem Store Karma Booster or Karma Bonfire, gives +50%
  • Guild Karma Boost, gives +15%
  • Guild Karma Banner, gives +5%, or Guild Hero Banner, gives +10%
  • Various food, gives +5%
  • Plus account boosts earned with achievement points
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The Queen’s Speech Anniversary Update

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Bazaar Of The Four Winds

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Links Roundup

For those of you not up to speed with all the latest links for boss battles, events and crafting, here’s a quick list:

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Sky Pirates Of Tyria

The next chapter of the living story begins 25th June, with the event page up over on the official site.

Further details on the accompanying big balance patch can be found here:

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Dragon Bash (Updated)

Schedule of events:

  • Dragon Bash Activities in Lion’s Arch – Begins June 11
  • Bash the Dragon! – Begins June 11
  • Dragon Ball – Begins June 11
  • Moa Racing – Begins June 11
  • Dragon Piñatas – Begins June 11
  • Dragon Bash Fireworks – June 14-17 (every two hours)
  • The Dragon Effigy Lighting Ceremony – Begins June 18

See the full announcement for new rewards and details of features and events!

Update: Dragon Bash ends on 9th July, plenty of time to get all the achievements and your rewards.

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