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In GW1, we had districts we could zone between at will, not so in GW2, we choose a world when we play for the first time. This choice matters for three reasons:

  • It decides whose team you’re on in WvW
  • It costs £15 or more to change world
  • You can only have random encounters with friends on the same world

And so I present… The World Poll! Please only vote if you actually want to play with other ex-Lifers and will be happy with the consensus.

Notes: I’ve not included US servers; we can PvE with US friends with a free guest invite, playing on EU servers may reduce pings and will certainly be busier when we’re active. During the betas, several large sites and guilds announced their world choice. Using this info, Gandara seemed a good choice due to being busy, speaking English, and being multicultural. However, worlds have since changed, so please, please comment if you know of a good reason to go with any particular server.

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28 Responses to World Vote

  1. Connie says:

    I have voted for Gandera because we have played on it during the beta and it seemd fine but i also know that Wally and friends are going to be on Desolation it seem for now……

    • Adam says:

      I suspect Desolation will be massively overpopulated.

      If I’m honest Gandara felt a little overpopulated during beta, I spent too much time on overflow and even in overflow events got swamped and lost their challenge. Therefore I’d be very nervous about going for Desolation, being the most popular server, pity though, would like to have more old friends together!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am willing to go where all the old Lifers go – would be nice to be with Wally et al but better to have Life and smooth gaming. By the way – Rothgar Remorhaz’s descendant has an account now – Rothgar Remorhaz.5138 is my handle. Hopefully I can test during the test!! All thanks, praise and almost kisses to Colin who assisted with getting my registration!!! Do we know when we’re on for GW2???
    Also BTW – your comments about PC capabilities is worrying – mine is Core 2 Duo from 2006 with an upgraded 5770!!

    • Adam says:

      Graphics card isn’t really important, but what speed Core2? Mine was a 2.66GHz and Guild Wars 2 was perfectly playable, if not amazing, and in the recent stress tests dragging the slider down made a big improvement.

  3. Rothgar Remorhaz says:

    I think my previous message didn’t work…
    Rothgar is now back at Rothgar Remorhaz.5138 – GW2 handle. I think Adam is right – why not go for Vabbi or Piken Square until they sort everything out? We can always change if we have to…

    • Adam says:

      If we’re all playing from headstart we could probably all play on Desolation, the most popular English-speaking server. The servers have capped numbers so they never fall over entirely, but you are more likely to be stuck in overflow a lot of the time, and once it’s full you have to wait for someone to move before we can have someone we know join us. Gandara is the second English server (unofficially), which I felt might give us more chance to get latecomers to the party onto the same server, but even then it’s not guaranteed. For me a server move is too costly, so I hope to start as I mean to go on 🙂

      • Rothgar Remorhaz says:

        Gandara is still busy (50 guilds and counting) but we can certainly give it a bash.
        Core 2 is one of the older ones – 1.86GHz. I found that sliders did not show much difference in frame rates – top end about 30-40fps dropping to 10-20 or even single figures with fight on bridge. Playable but not so much in large player mobs.

  4. Martyn says:

    Hi all.

    Just a quick note to say that I’ll definitely be playing GW2 when it comes out.

    Since I’ve not played the beta I have no strong feeling on which home world I should choose. I understand (I think) about the population issue so I guess a less popular server is the one to go for. I’m happy to be led by those who have more experience.

    • Adam says:

      Hey Martyn, great to see you! The population thing is tricky to get right. I’ll try to give a quick rundown of the process:

      On your very first login after entering your username/password, you’re asked to choose a world. The list is coloured green, orange and red for low, medium and high population respectively. During the betas, red meant full, and you couldn’t join.

      This choice is made once and is permanent unless you buy a transfer from the in-game store. The cost to move as of the last stress test was between 500 and 1800 gems, depending on the population of the server you want to move to. You can trade for gems in-game, but realistically you’ll be spending real world money, roughly £6-18.

      The benefits of a low population server are: space for us all into the future, events don’t get swamped which takes away the challenge, and you won’t have to play in overflow*.

      The benefits of a high population server are: WvW is more interesting, we’re more likely to get Mists bonuses, and incredibly importantly the world feels more alive.

      *(When the area you’re playing in gets full you’re bumped to overflow – your progress is recorded but your location is not, and the party you’re in might be split up).

      My personal inclination tends toward the more populated end. Over time, even in the short betas, people have spread out to different parts of the map, so event swamping and overflow stopped being an issue. We initially played on Ranik, but when that was designated a French server it became low population and frankly, it felt barren. It would also be good to avoid being a constant underdog in WvW. My only reservation is knowing some old friends won’t be playing from launch, so we don’t want a server they can’t get onto…

      That wasn’t such a quick rundown in the end!

      • Rothgar Remorhaz says:

        Hiya Martyn – welcome back.
        I reckon Gandara is a good start (middling pop) and I believe I heard a rumour that you get 1800 gems to start with so you can swop if needed? Could be wrong though, might have been an uncertain source.
        So Adam, does this mean that *overflow* is localised to specific events and small areas which are overcrowded and not the whole server? In other words, if we all fight the Shatterer at once some could get pushed to overflow but other people trying to log in wouldn’t?

  5. Adam says:

    Weird, can’t reply, must be too far nested already!

    We got free gems during the beta, but these will be wiped along with everything else. I’ve not heard about 1800 freebies on launch, but I hope so!

    There’s a hard cap on server population, and another, smaller cap on the number of people in an area. Upon zoning, if the area is full, you’ll be put into overflow, and queued to return to the “proper” map. You can play as normal and progress in quests, but your physical location on the map isn’t saved, and on zoning party members may get split between the “proper” map and other overflows. You can join up again by right-clicking and all moving to the same overflow. It’s not ideal but only really seemed to happen at the start of the betas when everyone was in the same starter map.

    Thankfully, no, no way for it to impact a party mid-dungeon or quest, because they’re either instanced or require no zoning.

  6. Fraser says:

    I’m inclinded after my experiences with TOR to go with Gandara as the second most populace and best option to go for. Spawn sharing is a bitch on high pop servers….but grouping is SOOO much better. I can put up with a little bit of grumbling over waiting on respawns if it means I won’t be stuck with an unsoloable boss monster and no one to help me. Not that you lot would abandon me I’m sure. All that being said, I’m happy to go with the group consensus and will be checking back here when I receive the game before picking my world for the first time (as I’ve not played the beta at all). BTW, order has been placed. I wonder if I’ll get it from Amazon in time for early access.

  7. Martyn says:

    Thanks for the info guys, it was really helpful.

    I voted Gandara in the end but, as Fraser has already said, will check here before making that all important choice. (I’ve also placed my order with Amazon).

    • Adam says:

      I’ve heard preorders should be shipped the week prior to launch, and if received in time you get a day headstart, able to play from Monday 27th. Can’t wait to see you lot in game 🙂

      Fraser, thankfully spawning is barely an issue. If you walk into the radius of a quest giver or event in progress, you can join in no matter what stage that area’s quest or event is at. In the case of events, turning up part way just means a lesser reward for your lesser contribution. With quests, your progress is tracked individually, so you get the full reward once you’ve achieved X, Y and Z, even though you may begin with Z if the quest ‘spawn’ is at that stage when you arrive.

      • Fraser says:

        Yeah, I’ve been reading up on things since I posted that. The “worries” I had about it being a persistent world a la WOW and TOR have been addressed and I know a bit more about how everything works. I’m now super excited for this now I know more. I’m especially looking forward to the underwater bits for some reason. Been planning what characters I wanna make already haha.

  8. Adam says:

    I’m glad you’re not so worried 😀 I have to say it’s not a perfect system. A rather glaring omission with the change is that I’m yet to find an epic quest where guy A tells me to trek all the way to place B. But overall, they’ve done really well to remove quest competition in PvE.

    The underwater sections are surprisingly frequent and very, very good. I’ve been thinking up names too, I reckon three characters are getting made the first day 😛

  9. Fraser says:

    With a little creative interpretation, the epic trek from A to B is the whole game :p though I think I know what you mean, and maybe they will have such quests in the full game or will add them in or will open them up at higher levels.

    • Fraser says:

      I’ve only named 2 but I’ve decided what race and profession combos I’m going to make for all 8 and what I’m making first.

    • Rothgar Remorhaz says:

      The Epic trek seems more likely to happen during the main story – it has a similar sort of structure to following clues etc. Looks good and Adam is right – underwater stuf is really cool – when you come out, you can see the water beading on your goggles.

  10. Adam says:

    Haha, well indeed the main instanced story has you running everywhere, but I was thinking more like Galrath-type cross-country non-primary stuff 😛

    If it’s any help, during the betas/stress tests we got five slots, which is enough for one of each race but not profession. Slots cost 800 gems which is £8.50.

    • Fraser says:

      Eeep. If they don’t have 8 slots in the full game (which I really hope they do) I’ll need to trim out the three I’m least keen to play as I’m not paying £25.50 for 3 characters!

      • Adam says:

        To be honest mate, I’d be very surprised if they give 8 slots. We’re not even sure we’re getting five yet. I guess GW1 only launched with six profressions and four slots.

        That said, if you don’t mind waiting, you can trade in-game money for gems so can earn the slots over time, but it’s a player-run economy so this will likely cost a ton of in-game cash!

      • Rothgar Remorhaz says:

        How about a thread to tout the favourite 5 chars (race and profession) that you will be playing – I personally would like to see the combos – and what your main char will be (there’s always one favourite favourite)?

  11. Adam says:

    Sounds like a fun idea – do it on the updated guild & gamers page? Don’t think you can post pictures, but links work 🙂

  12. Rothgar Remorhaz says:

    Update on the in-game gems buying for virtual gold:
    I bought/tried to buy gems in-game and it gave me some prices (if memory serves, so a salty pinch please) – 1 SILVER = 1 gem, 2 silvers = 4 gems, 5 silvers = 11 gems.
    Interesting innit? Wholesalers trick by the look. Also probably a lot of rounding going on – half a gem probably not doable etc. If you use the last equation then 364 silvers (rounded) should give you a new char. By just playing around and still using half my cash to buy stuff, my 8-10 hours should have got me about 10 silvers. Therefore, fluffy calculations aside, it will take quite a while to generate enough cash for 1 char slot – 1 a month, maybe?

    • Adam says:

      That sounds quite reasonable, but the gem-to-gold conversion is led by supply and demand so I’d expect to see gems become very, very much more expensive. Guess it depends how many hardcore players buy gems to convert to gold to buy elite items!

      • Rothgar Remorhaz says:

        Therefore – make money as fast as possible in headstart and convert asap to gems?

  13. Adam says:

    Who knows? It’s logical market forces will devalue gold versus gems, especially as wealth accumulates but gems don’t, but your guess is as good as mine! I do think it’s rather clever how ArenaNet have put in lots of little gold sinks, like the cost to beam to a waypoint, the armour repair system, the trading fees etc, so gold doesn’t devalue as rapidly.

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