I make this 8AM British Summer time, let me know if I’ve got this wrong!

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8 Responses to Headstart

  1. Rothgar Remorhaz says:

    Looks fine – I have based it on Seattle, Washington (seems to work) which does not have daylight saving (like LA) so shows -7hrs UTC/GMT (7am in Ghana), 8am in BST.
    Somehow, I think I’ll be up at 6.30am, just like Christmas mornings.

  2. Rothgar Remorhaz says:

    Its the Final Countdown….da-da-da-da-da_da-da-da-da_da-da-da-da-da etc….it was very repititious….
    Less than 24 hours to go!!!

    • Adam says:

      Lol, seeing the countdown jump down in hours rather than days is a very strange sight πŸ˜›

      • Rothgar Remorhaz says:

        How come our countdown shows 18 hours yet UK should be 20 h 48 mins and Ghana is now showing 21 hours 48 mins right now?

  3. Adam says:

    I’m taking the 3-hours early thing into account πŸ˜› …although I’m not entirely convinced our counter is using BST vs UTC. Hard to tell when there’s no minutes.

    • Rothgar Remorhaz says:

      Hehehehe – I see the second one – very diplomatic….

      • Adam says:

        Took the prepurchase countdown out, I was totally unconvinced by its mysterious inner workings πŸ˜› Besides, the man behind your link says he’ll update when servers are live, and I’ll be asleep, so I’ll leave it to more capable chaps πŸ˜›

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