Pictures From 15th

The ups and downs of testing Guild Wars 2: crashes, occasionally mental graphics, but then the devs ask everyone to try to crash a map and a beautiful firework display ensues!

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2 Responses to Pictures From 15th

  1. Rothgar Remorhaz says:

    Interesting – I didn’t see half of those fireworks – but also not of the major glitches as well. My settings were probably lower. Again, didn’t see much difference changing settings. It might be CPU limited after all.

  2. Adam says:

    Maybe it was just my timing with the screenies that I got so many fireworks in shot? Looked amazing though, didn’t you think?

    You’re definitely right that it’s CPU-bound. I could see after the test ended that my CPU was hot and tired but my graphics card could have gone again, if you’ll pardon the sex analogy 😛

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