Stress Test Pics

Lots of new graphics options in tonight’s build: Totally maxed out, my 3570k/7870 managed 40-or-so-fps, but without supersampling I rarely saw a dip below my vsync’d cap of 50fps! This was essentially a release build – our bonus items and HoM page were functional, and I didn’t see a single placeholder. All looking good for Saturday!

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5 Responses to Stress Test Pics

  1. Rothgar Remorhaz says:

    Except when it kicked me out with 20 mins to go and wouldn’t let me back in. Email address was authenticated but if it doesn’t recognise the IP it will ask for confirmation from the designated email address. Of course, if you aren’t on the email at the time, it will just look like it is failing to authenticate. Access your email and confirm login.
    My pics show me getting a max of 27fps with a Core 2 Duo 1.86Ghz/HD5770 at minimum settings to a max 20fps at near max settings – can’t seem to upload them though.
    Freebies did work and I even got a trait point thingy to boost my char – I still die a lot but working on that. All in all – considering I was running at 20fps or so – game looks good.

  2. Adam says:

    Tiiiiired today 😛 I didn’t actually try the bonus items but I’m glad they worked. I did however try warrior for the first time. Everything’s so fun I was awfully tempted to buy extra slots to try one of everything at launch – good thing Black Lion was down for EU servers 😛

    • Adam says:

      Btw, I’d love to add your pictures. If you’re so inclined, make a account and I’ll add you as a site editor, or you can just email me your shots and I’ll put them up.

      • Rothgar Remorhaz says:

        Did you have any issues with slowdown during intense battles? Apart from Supersampling (sounds like a hero to me), did you have everything else maxed?
        Also, I had my first experience at being bumped into overflow – there was virtually no one else around – its like you get transferred into a parallel universe. I was then offered a spot in normal space/time when it became available. I wonder if this will be a serious problem after the unwashed hordes get on – good job we can swop servers if we need to.

  3. Adam says:

    No issues at all, big battles feel beautifully visceral, the screen shaking, effects everywhere 😀 I installed GW2 onto a Sammy SSD which probably helped load characters and effects smoothly in busy scenes.

    I chose the Best Appearance preset, which puts everything on high, can’t remember what the sampling option was called but it was the middle one. Couldn’t tell any difference between that and supersampling to be honest.

    I heard Queensdale was busy last night. Metrica (Asura), the Grove and Hoelbrak (is it? – Norn anyway) were all quiet. That’s the thing with overflow, you’ll probably only see it when something gets everyone into the same spot, like devs asking people to test a map, a global event, or Saturday morning when everyone’s in the starter areas at the same time 😛

    After that I expect we’ll be glad to be on a busier server with lots of company, but like you say, we can always move if things go wrong 🙂

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