All Systems Go!

The 28th August is upon us, so those of you left to register and log in for the first time better be quick to pick Gandara!

At last check population was high. If Gandara shows as full when you come to choose world, don’t pick anything – log out, and start Guild Wars 2 again to retry – people are changing world all the time and spaces become available quickly. If you absolutely can’t get into Gandara, choose Aurora Glade and let us know once you’re in game.

The login and play servers now seem quite well behaved, but some other services are still wonky:

  • The Black Lion gem store is working, but trade is not.
  • Guild management is hit-and-miss, we may not be able to send invites instantly, and you may not be able to accept instantly.
  • Parties are still being split, and joining in overflow is as hit-and-miss as guild management.
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15 Responses to All Systems Go!

  1. Frigus says:

    Hey guys – trying to register on the server but still full; will keep trying and how to see you guys in game soon 🙂

  2. Rothgar Remorhaz says:

    The Guild invite acceptance wasn’t working for me initially until I declined then accepted when re-invited. Now my first char is part of LIFE – note that ALL your chars need to be invited. The older memebers will likely be officers and can invite yourselves.
    Also I have noticed that entering a comment in Guild Chat comes up with an error telling me I am not in a Guild. Likely be fixed at some point – there are some bugs and by the chatter, some people are less patient than others.

    There is currently a big furore around bannings – hate speech, racial, sexist or homophobic speech will get you an immediate 72 hour ban (1st offence), if you aren’t careful. I would suggest that you remove your speech filters (in chat box somewhere) so you can see what you and others are actually saying. They are being strict with this – some say too strict but I doubt I will have a problem. However, there have been reports of bannings while people are creating their first chars – either accounts are hacked, they are lying or there are still bugs in the system.

  3. Rothgar Remorhaz says:

    With all launch days done, I am expecting many more people online – this is where the real “stress testing” begins. Please make comments on how often you see overflow, time spent in overflow, numbers of people in areas where you are playing, WvW if you have started that etc… I am guessing that we will need to make a decision fairly soon on a server – stay or go – and that will likely help Adam and others to vote.

    • Adam says:

      @Diederik, you’re not alone, seems we can’t accept any more in Gandara right now. I know some people very much don’t want to move server, but I’m against splitting up friends so we’ll make a call on moving soon if space doesn’t open up in Gandara.

      @Andrew, it’s not that you need an invite per character, it’s that you need to click ‘Represent’ before guild chat will work, unless something has changed…?

      • Rothgar Remorhaz says:

        AHA – thanks for clarifying that – I’ll check tonight…..

  4. Fraser says:

    Since I only have a few hours to play today….I’m going with Aurora Glade so I can get SOME play time in since Gandara is full and I don’t have time to wait about on it maybe having a free slot open up. Character will be Amila Demarus (at least that’s the only one I have a name for yet)

    • Fraser says:

      Edit/update amila is still reserved by my old alt account so my character is skarjn demarus. Also, yay, new build means I can’t log in again.

      • Rothgar Remorhaz says:

        Won’t be the new build that is causing the problem, just all the people who have logged out at the same time and are attempting to log in again. Login system too small.

  5. Rothgar Remorhaz says:

    Not a reply as such, just some comments and a small rant – feel free to moderate and shift this to a more suitable thread:
    Fraser and I had a little test last night to see what it was like to make a party – or I was testing, he was just trying to play! With everyone bouncing backwards and forwards between overflow and normal it was very difficult to connect to Fraser or even see where he was – blue dots appear but nobody there! The only time you can actually see people in the world and partner up is when you are all in normal game. I can see this becoming a serious problem (rest of the game is very good IMO) with regards to social gamers like us. Although I have fun on my own – and this game is easier than GW1 to be on your own, you are quite often “joined” by other players whenever you are battling something – I think it is always better with guildies. I am hoping that Anet does something about this but apart from the GW type districts (probably difficult in a persistant world, hence the change) or seriously bumping up allowed pops in normal, I can’t see how they can make it better. Also, the normal world STILL looks less populated than o/f world – and why could I see other players but no Fraser?

    • Adam says:

      I feel your pain, I’ve had similar issues just trying to get into the same damn shard as everyone else 😛

      In the betas, the ‘Join In…’ feature worked well, and over time people spread out so overflow stopped happening. I think, unfortunately for us, there have been several points of player influx so those starter areas just haven’t settled yet, and lots of the social functions have broken under the strain. I agree, it really sucks, but I’m positive it’ll improve 😀

  6. Rothgar Remorhaz says:

    For Adam:
    The pic I sent was of a tweet from Regina Beunobra – she said that they had sold over 1 million pre-purchase GW2 games and have had up to 400,000 people logged in at one time during headstart – hence the problems to log in and etc. This is huge – I can see many more people than that buying CE or standard games from Amazon et al because they don’t want hassle/too expensive. The servers are going to struggle to cope with the demand.

  7. Rothgar Remorhaz says:

    400k at one time means an average of 8889 people on 45 servers at once – lots of peeps on a server, potentially some far away places. And you are right, I can’t remember too many battles, even small ones, where I was alone and especially in the human areas. And also this would have been just up until Monday when the 1 day headstarters arrived (n00bs lol). I think if we are patient (unlike most of tweeters and facebookers moaning) this will be a truely stunning game – if we can get the o/f right.
    One other thing, lots of reports of hacked accounts – BEWARE of emails and clicking on links….frightening….

    • Fraser says:

      The thing about betas and stress tests for mmos is that there are a vast number of people more who buy the retail game than participated in the testing. You can try to forecast how things will behave but at the end of the day these things are kinda unpredictable. This is my second launch experience with an mmo and, and bugs and strange behaviour they didn’t spot with a lower population are to be expected and will be fixed over time. I have to say for the most part it seems more stable and polished than TOR was on day one (and continues to be in some cases). It’s very slick and nowhere near as much of a system hog despite similar specs and on average a lot mote happening on screen at once. I’m still finding some things confusing about the game but that largely cones down to too much running around pushing buttons to see what happens and not enough stopping and reading things so I actually know what skill X does so I know the best time to use it.

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