It’s WvW Weekend For [LIFE]

This weekend Joeythemad will be our go-to for a WvW weekend, and will activate our boons as needed. Join us on Teamspeak and let’s see if we can claim a fort in the name of [LIFE]!

Next weekend will be a dungeon outing

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11 Responses to It’s WvW Weekend For [LIFE]

  1. muscolo//humble servitor kin says:

    oh ya im in.
    need some kills for monthly 😀

  2. Rothgar Remorhaz says:

    I will see if I can get on for the weekend…
    Do we have any times/ways/instructions to band up?
    Old person being n00bish….

    • Adam says:

      I’m queuing enough upgrades to have a couple running per day over the weekend, but I suspect it’s more likely to be one or two epic sessions where we try to hold a fort in the name of the guild. I can generally be online from 9pm, but Joeythemad is our go-to so don’t wait for me!

  3. Joeythemad says:

    Any questions just ask! I’m on TS 24/7 so 😛

    Also just a quick note for the weekend about the WvW queing times… I have no idea if it has been improved since I last played so to that end when you log in GW2 on Friday night or whenever please que for the Gandara home map for WvW. It might be tricky to get us all in at the same time but we’ll see how it goes. Ideally this weekend is to put our guild perks for WvW to the test but also just to have a laugh and get to know some of your fellow members 😉

  4. Adam says:

    I’m probably wrong (I’ve not tried WvW yet myself either) but I believe you get automatically bumped to level 80 and can choose any skills you like, same as making a PvP character in GW1 😀

    • Rothgar Remorhaz says:

      As I found out last night – not true.
      You have the skill slots you have already filled and the traits already earned and that is it – no armour upgrades either. However your health is maxed out as is your attributes, I believe.

      I played with a 46th/47th level Necro – did ok-ish but died a lot. Very busy and you have to seriously beware of “zerg” like rushes (anybody played Starcraft?) from the opposition – got swarmed several times. Fun, tough and will take a while to learn the tactics but also some nice XP and loot.

      • Rothgar Remorhaz says:

        Connie- actually meant old as in age at the time – you are still young and sweet compared to old cantakerous farts like me. You don’t really need to have a high level char to have fun – just don’t try to tank. Longbow ranger would do well here.

  5. Adam says:

    Ah cool, thanks for the correction, glad you gave it a try! I wonder if it’s PvP rather than WvW I’m thinking of, should probably be less lazy and Wiki it 😛

    • Adam says:

      Having tried WvW I can confirm you do indeed get bumped to 80 and can choose from any unlocked skill as per GW1, seems our fort claiming perm is broken though 😦

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