Teamspeak Channel

For those of you wanting to switch from Skype to Teamspeak, go download the client, and use the channel details found on our guild information page!

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10 Responses to Teamspeak Channel

  1. Joeythemad says:

    Hey guys please have a go at Team Speak if you can it makes it so much easier to coordinate guild events and with the WvW weeknd coming up it’s a perfect chance to give it a go. 😀

    • Adam says:

      I used to run a TS server back in the early days of GW1, but we switched to Skype because it was easier to make adhoc groups and the sound quality was sooo much better 😛

  2. Joeythemad says:

    We can make up chanels under the main GW2 chanel for dugeons, WvW or even a gossip sort of chanel as far as sound quality TS seems okay to me but I’ve never used Skype as much 😛

  3. Mordocai says:

    Ts has improved significantly over the years. And skype is limiting in number of users.

  4. Jay says:

    not so sure about TS always have trouble with it and sadly my internet has trouble running it and GW at the same time for some reason, Skype on the other hand works well and sounds soooo much better and you dont miss out on half of a persons sentence with the push to talk bollocks on TS!! lol and skype will actually run when im play GW. So for me skype is my only option.
    But then you guys probably dont want me rambling on anyways on TS

    • Jay says:

      oh and as for the limiting number, we’ve had calls with 10+ people and never had any problems

      • Adam says:

        I thought the Skype conference call limit was 10 people? Has that been raised?

    • Joeythemad says:

      It’s weird you can’t run TS while playing GW2 but you can run Skype? When was the last time you tryed using TS3? I have THE sh!test connection in the world (0.4 download speed) and i’m still able to run TS3, GW2, youtube at the same time 😉

      The push to talk function is a thing of the past for most of us, we run voice activated and if you set your mic capture right it wont pick up anything until you speak clearly into the mic.

      We always welcome any chat on TS it’s what its there for.

  5. Jay says:

    hmm not sure, but im sure it was more than 10 but could be wrong!!

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