Account Security

Really sadly, last week one of our members had their account hacked, had everything of value stolen, and the guild stash was cleared out. I’d really hate to see this happen to anyone else, so please take a look at ArenaNet’s security tips blog post.

The main point is: change your password right now to something long you’ve not used anywhere else!

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5 Responses to Account Security

  1. Jay says:

    Already done! I’ve had a few emails from the authentication thing saying someone has tried to access my account, so I’ve changed my email password aswell to make sure no ones gets access. But poor Patrick (was it? sorry if im wrong!!) but if you need anything feel free to let me know, if i can help in anyway i will do! :Dx

    • Adam says:

      Aye, was Patrick 😦 I’ve not had any attempts on my account as yet, but to protect the guild I’ve made a unique password with >20 characters. Nothing like a bit of overkill 😀

      • Rothgar Remorhaz says:

        I had a discussion with Patrick at the time he was hacked – one thing that came up: write all of your passwords/logins down so you don’t forget. Especially if you’re like Adam with 20+ characters. Preferable to use a hardcopy (good old paper) but a cryptic reference and a non descript jumble of stuff in a txt file works as well if you have to leave it on your PC. Just so they can’t mine it with a Trojan.

  2. Joeythemad says:

    Yes it was me! 😦

    Sorry for all the hassle and the guild bank being cleared out guys…I had used the same password multiple times on other game accounts and it’s been picked up by the hacker. After speaking with Arenanet they managed to recover my account in time before the hacker could do anymore damage (e.g. delete my level 80 toon!) but he did manage to clear out my materials,minis,gold and anything worth selling that wasn’t account bound.

    Please read the Arenanet security tips Adam has posted its worth it in the long run 😦 I’ve also changed everyone of my passwords on all my game accounts and my GW2 now has a 15+ character password with mixed words, symbols, capital letters and numbers. Hopefully this will not happen again!

    • Adam says:

      @Patrick – Mate, you’ve really nothing to be sorry for, if not for the bastards we wouldn’t need passwords at all. I’m just glad you got your account back 🙂

      @Andrew – My password is easy to remember, it follows the XKCD principle 😉

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