Screenshot Competition Week

This week [LIFE] is running a screenshot competition. Cost to enter is 1 unID’d dye per picture, the winner takes them all… You could be rich! Or perhaps just end up with a lot of brown dye…

Here’s what to do:

  • Take your screenshot (print screen key by default).
  • Upload your image to your favourite pic sharing place such as
  • Place your unID’d dye into the Guild Stash. The game will log your name so we’ll know you’ve entered. Guild Bank NPCs are in every town next to normal bank NPCs.
  • Make a comment on this post, linking your image.

On Saturday we’ll put up a poll to vote for the best screenie, and we’ll hopefully make someone rich on Sunday!

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10 Responses to Screenshot Competition Week

  1. Connie says:

    I don’t have a fav screen place and don’t know how neither do I haven a unid dye 🙂 I allways id tehm right away, but I think this is a great idea I will love to vote……

  2. arglemumpf says:

    Right I entered the comp – not the best screenie in the world but I liked the view, flora and fauna so I hung out there for a mo. enjoy.

  3. Jay says:

    Okies heres one entry from me, if i can get anymore dye drops i shall add some more!! lol

  4. Ferris says:

    My entries:

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