Magic Weekend Returns for [LIFE]

This weekend from Friday morning to Monday morning (9th-12th), [LIFE] will be running a 10% Magic boon for all representing members. Good luck getting some awesome drops!

There will be no [LIFE] event next weekend due to ArenaNet’s Lost Shores weekend.

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2 Responses to Magic Weekend Returns for [LIFE]

  1. Connie says:

    *sigh* I am lost too. When I log in it goes past the lost shore thing so fast I can’t see what it is. What does 10% magic boon mean? Can I finally find find some dyes? hehe I really want to find more dyes……

  2. Adam says:

    There was a post linking/explaining Lost Shores two further down the page: – Basically a new area is opening up called Lost Shores, and the weekend will have a big event leading to its opening.

    They’re also giving us three invites each to give our friends free access to Guild Wars 2 for the weekend to try it.

    Magic Find is a numerical stat (same as weapon strength is a numerical stat) which determines the quality of drops you get. When we run a 10% weekend, it means your drops should be less crap than usual, but I don’t think it affects dyes. Dye drop rates are much lower now since a patch a week or two ago 😦

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