Sea Of Sorrows Event Weekend

A one-time-only event chain leading to new permanent content will be running from 16th-18th, check the link for details!

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4 Responses to Sea Of Sorrows Event Weekend

  1. Jay says:

    ooooh sounds like good fun!! we gonna do some teams and help everyone get it done?! and well have some team fun too!! 😀

  2. Adam says:

    I’d love to join but will be away that weekend 😦 …you’ll have to screenshot it all for me! Still, the site has a nice Lost Shores background so I’ve seen that much!

  3. Jay says:

    aww yeah forgot you were heading away!! well we will just have to do it all again when you get back!! and who knows, maybe something will come up and i wont be able to do it anyway!! lol But hey at least you get to go away and have some family fun! 😀

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