[LIFE] Weekend Boosts 1st-3rd

As it’s the first weekend of the month, I’ll be running both Magic Find and Karma boosts as per the schedule on the [LIFE] Weekends page.

Magic Find is running now, Karma to following tonight; location of the +5% Karma Banner will be shouted out on guild chat around 9pm UK time. I hope you all saved your Jugs and Drops!

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2 Responses to [LIFE] Weekend Boosts 1st-3rd

  1. Jay says:

    oh sounds good to me!! i think at this minute i have 45 jugs of karma saved!! but not sure who i want karma armor for anymore! lol might just have to evenly distribute it through all my chars!! see you all in game, hopefully i will make it on by 9pm!! 😀

    • Adam says:

      I’ve got the same amount and the same dilemma 😮 Was originally saving everything on my ranger, but switched to ele, now I’m onto necro… Might have to check out which armour sets I actually like so I know what’s worth buying!

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