Rundown Of Forthcoming Changes

February 26th Gathering Storm patch:

  • Brand New PvP Map – Spirit Watch
  • Team Up for Guild Missions
  • Two Team Rated Play in PvP
  • Choose Your Own Daily Achievements
  • Preview Items in the Trading Post

Further information from Twitter:

  • There will be 5 types of guild missions built with influence. Bounty is one of them, available in different difficulties
  • Modifications to the commander book are coming, with more features. Will remain character bound
  • WvW updates will not introduce new skills. Will bring passive abilities aimed towards group play eg. Extra supply
  • All the bosses in AC have been completely rebuilt for the February release. Some of the open world champions will be too
  • Guild missions will be taking place in Southsun Cove
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9 Responses to Rundown Of Forthcoming Changes

  1. Jay says:

    oh sounding good! cant wait to try some guild missions if everyones up for that!? 🙂 wonder what the changes to the AC bosses will do to the runs?

    • Adam says:

      I’ve never been to Southsun for more than a fleeting visit, so it’ll be interesting to try guild missions there 🙂

      • Rothgar Remorhaz says:

        I have only been as far as the Whispers stronghold but this may also be an opportunity to farm Karka shells – good for insignias and other exotic crafting. All sounds great – my first major event/update….is it sad that I’m excited?

  2. Adam says:

    Haha not sad at all, but reading the latest update it sounds as though I’ll have to buy the missions with influence, so it’s a good thing I’ve been stockpiling for a guild hall :/

    • Rothgar Remorhaz says:

      If u just doing it on the off chance that they are coming then we probably OK – I had heard that they will come “someday”…ho hum. Guild missions sound great and will force the LIFErs to get off our collective arses and become just that – arses collected in one place for a mission….should be good fun.

      • Rothgar Remorhaz says:

        Just saw – reduced waypoint costs, combo banners, gold find bonus….rewards for Guild stuff – very nice. Not paying so much for waypoints would be brill!!!

  3. Adam says:

    Well I’ve started the expensive 20k upgrades to Politics and Art of War running in case they are prereqs for anything, that leaves us ~10k influence to build guild missions, and I’ll keep a tight grip on spending so we can start accumulating for the future again.

    • Rothgar Remorhaz says:

      David Cameron and George Osborne will eat your dust with your austerity measures!! What would be the best way for LIFErs to get more influence as we are likely to need more in the future?

      • Adam says:

        Simply playing gives us a very steady stream, averaging 150/day just from logins, then smaller increments depending what people get up to, totaling maybe 200/day more. Occasionally people do things that earn a big lump usually between 300 and 1000, and you can buy influence from promoters, but I’d really not want to start asking for that.

        Sadly with less repping these days, and accumulation only counting when playing on Gandara, I’m having to be super careful about activating stuff, but with the big ones now paid for and guild halls still a distant suggestion, hopefully we can spend more freely and I can open up spending to other ranks again.

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