Guild Missions Preview

The Gathering Storm patch will be with us within a couple of days, in the meantime here’s a preview of guild missions!

Normally we’d run a Karma and MF weekend at the start of each month, but I’m leaving this as TBA until we see how much influence guild missions cost.

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3 Responses to Guild Missions Preview

  1. Pete says:

    50k Influence to unlock em apparently, 200 to activate one.
    This on top of whatever other thigns need to be unlocked in the first place 😦

  2. Adam says:

    Mate, tell me about it 😦 I’m working on numbers, when I know a rough timescale for [LIFE] starting guild missions, I’ll let you know so [hug] can join in.

    • Rothgar Remorhaz says:

      23+ pages of irritated players ranting on threads about the amount it takes to get Art of War then missions up. Some of the bigger guilds (and those with lots of time on their hands) are pretty smug about the whole thing but most are now resigned to not spending influence and not giving a monkeys about it all. Sad really – could have been a really good, well-executed set of missions – now just leaves a sour taste. Just another gold/influence sink. Will Anet wake up and smell the crap hitting the fan – unlikely.

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