Guild Missions And [LIFE]

For those who haven’t been keeping up, guild missions were introduced in the Gathering Storm patch. We were hoping this would encourage guildies to team up and rep more often.

Unfortunately the new stuff has pretty high requirements which has led to much disappointment for smaller guilds.

Thanks to our wonderful members, by Sunday [LIFE] will have met many of those requirements, and we’ll start saving to unlock Guild Bounties. We won’t be requiring anyone to farm influence or donate gold to speed this up.

Some numbers

  • We currently have 60 members of which;
  • Regular logins average 10-25 per day, depending on day of the week
  • A rep percentage around one third
  • 25 that haven’t played for over a week

This means on our ‘dead days’ we may have 3-5 repping together at usual playtimes, on busy days 10 or more repping together. Combined with [LIFE] casual play styles, these numbers put us around 4 weeks from starting a bounty, but also raises another concern; can we get enough guys together to actually complete this stuff?

Our large guild completed Tier 3 Bounty this evening and I can assure you, influence should be the least of your worries. Small guilds simply do not have the manpower to provide coverage on all the maps.

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2 Responses to Guild Missions And [LIFE]

  1. Rothgar Remorhaz says:

    I think we need to see how we cope with Tier 1 first – am I right in saying that Tier 3 is way more difficult? If we can have more participation with firm dates then I think its possible to complete at least some of the goals. If people don’t turn up, we can’t force them – maybe [hug] will help out.

    • Adam says:

      Tier 1 should be more doable, aye, and I’m sure plenty of friends from other guilds would love to see the new stuff. I’d love it even if they just wanna rep for the mission so they get the rewards too, but it would be nice to find some way to get all our friends in one place long term without anyone losing out identity-or-premission-wise.

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