Refugee Items 3 & 4 Added

Refugee items 3 & 4 (Compass & Sword Belt) were silently added to the game recently, and can be found in the same locations as items 1 & 2 (Goblet & Wooden Soldier).

If you want location spoilers, possible spots are shown on GW2W.

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4 Responses to Refugee Items 3 & 4 Added

  1. Rothgar Remorhaz says:

    You can also look here:
    There is another site which has excellent pics and I will try to send that link tonight.
    BTW – holding down control when you are looking really helps – pops up a gold “Snow-covered Object” showing where it is located.

  2. Adam says: is an amazing site, the karma merchant locations in our guides section is linked to there. Often find it more useful than GW2W 😮

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