Get Ready For Bounty T1

If you’re coming along tomorrow, please ensure you’ve got a waypoint in each of the possible zones listed on GW2W!

Maps of NPC routes are available if /map chat doesn’t prove helpful!

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2 Responses to Get Ready For Bounty T1

  1. Andrew says:

    Dulfy (the NPC pathing site mentioned by Adam) also provides very good strategies and info on the NPCs, such as:
    Half Baked Komali has a fire shield that makes him extremely resistant to damage and gains 1 stack of might every time someone attack him. To remove this shield, you must do the following: 1) Stop attacking Komali when the shield is up to avoid an increase in stacks of might 2) Use boon removals to stripe both his might stacks and stability. Once his stability is removed, you can use knockbacks to push him out of his circle, which cause him to lose the fire shield. It is very important to stop attacking him when he has the fire shield as not only you do no damage to him, you also cause him to gain might stacks, making removing his stability a pain.

    If we had known this before we attacked – it would have helped. There is a short space of time between knowing who we need to get and when we need to start attacking. Info before we attacked will be needed I guess – otherwise we can fail like the [Hug] mission the other night.

    • Adam says:

      The bounty is building so we’re all set for tonight, but I’ve not had time to read through those champ guides, I vote Andrew leads on this! 😛

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