Guild Bounty: The [LIFE] Plan

To ensure all our guildies can get some cool loot, we’ll be running Guild Bounty a little differently from now on.

The plan is to run the harder T3 once per week. We will require no scouting so you only need to dedicate 15 minutes. Please be on time! We will pick the easiest target of 6, everyone will find and kill, and receive full personal rewards.

In addition we will regularly run the new Bounty Training missions to help [LIFE] work towards more cool content such as Guild Rush and Guild Puzzles!

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2 Responses to Guild Bounty: The [LIFE] Plan

  1. Connie says:

    At what day and time is it?

    • Adam says:

      Historically I ran it at 9pm UK time on a Friday, but recently I just run it when there’s enough online and people are keen…

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