Flame & Frost: Retribution

Highlights of the upcoming 30th April patch include:

  • New Story Dungeon – Molten Weapon Facilities!
  • Limited BETA – Custom PvP Arenas & Spectator Mode
  • New World vs. World Abilities
  • New Guild Missions
  • Guild Siege Weapons and Back Banners
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2 Responses to Flame & Frost: Retribution

  1. Andrew says:

    YES!!! I want private PvP – LIFE vs Hug and others from GW1…..at least we can then get some PvP points (hopefuly they count). Of course, the rest sounds good too – molten weapons and new stories. Looking forward to this.

    • Adam says:

      Aye PvP would be a lot more interesting if it weren’t random. I wonder if there’s any costs involved…

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