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Halloween 2012 Pics and Video

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Screenie Competition Entries

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Had some great entries to the screenshot competition, thanks everyone! The prize fund stands at 21 unID’d dyes, which is worth 1g even without the gamble you’ll get something worth a lot more! And here’s where you vote. You’re allowed … Continue reading

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The Villainy of Bad Textured Galrath

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Sam shows us how times have changed.

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Andrew’s Beta Gallery

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Some screenies donated by Andrew to show settings and speeds. If anyone else wants to share, let me know!

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And Finally, Some Norn

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After posting five galleries I’d still not shown any Norn, so used tonight’s one-hour-test to fix that! Ironically the game seemed a little wonkier tonight than during the previous four-hour test. Occasional graphics glitches were back, but at least us … Continue reading

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Stress Test Pics

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Lots of new graphics options in tonight’s build: Totally maxed out, my 3570k/7870 managed 40-or-so-fps, but without supersampling I rarely saw a dip below my vsync’d cap of 50fps! This was essentially a release build – our bonus items and … Continue reading

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Pictures From 15th

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The ups and downs of testing Guild Wars 2: crashes, occasionally mental graphics, but then the devs ask everyone to try to crash a map and a beautiful firework display ensues!

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