New Player Tips

1. Turn on Autoloot
Drops don’t appear on the ground as in GW1, corpses sparkle if there are drops to collect. Without Autoloot you have to search the corpse then choose the drop, with Autoloot you pick up everything off the corpse with one keypress.

2. Deposit All Collectibles
Your starter inventory is tiny, so make this option your new best friend. Wherever you are in the world, this sends anything that has a specific storage slot (think GW1 materials tab) straight to your vault.

3. Exploration XP
New characters can level really quickly by gaining exploration XP as they wander between personal storyline quests. Look out for waypoints, points of interest and vistas as you’re en route to the next part of your story.

4. The Chat Box
This initially felt really confusing, but now feels really flexible. The default behaviour is very GW1ish; the chat box shows everything. To change where your chat goes, click the channel name shown in [square brackets] and choose the new channel. You can also add custom tabs which include and exclude any channels you like!

5. Playing Together
Can’t find a screenshot to help with this one, but here’s four simple tips: party member portraits light up only when in the same area; party member blue dots appear on the global map at all times; you can ping a waypoint for everyone to click and meet up; and pressing R auto-runs – it’s the closest we’ve got to auto-following!

Please post if you’ve got your own tip or want to ask anything I, in my severely limited knowledge, might know!

Note: This page replaces the original post with all its helpful comments!


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