Pet Locations

Hey guys. I’ve spend the morning compiling a list of Ranger pets and where to get them. Wiki and just about all the guides I’ve seen have them listed by type. What I’ve done is listed them by Province and sub-divided by map so that you can cap as you go along with the story rather than having to try track down what’s where and in what map by looking at EVERYTHING. If I’ve forgotten anything please let me know and I’ll see about updating the list. Hope you guys find this useful 😀

Hall of Monuments

Black Moa – 15 points

Rainbow Jelly Fish  – 20 points

White Raven – 25 points

Black Widow Spider – 30 points



Black Citadel

Lashtail Devourer – Ruins of Rin (southwest corner of ruins)

Whiptail Devourer – Ligacus Notos (west of the south end of the lake)


Plains of Ashford 1 -15

Black Bear – Charr’s Triumph

Whiptail Devourer – Cadem Forest, Devourer’s Mouth – South of Cadem Forest, halfway between the waypoints.

Red MoaAgnos Gorge -Right in the middle of Agnos Gorge, Cadem Forest East of the Duskrend Overlook waypoint

HyenaGunbreach Hills– in the field north east of Gunbreach Hills, Victor’s Presidium -south of the vista.


Diessa Plateau 15 -25

Lashtail Devourer – Diessa PlateauArcovian Foothills, Bulliyak Arsenal, Reaper’s Corridor

River Drake Breachwater Lake (in Burntfur’s Pool)

WarthogThe Blasted Moors : Directly northeast and southeast of the heart Nemus Groves : Directly north of the Nemos Grove Waypoint, against the rock wall, or east of Raintimber Mill in that area.

Fields of Ruin 30 – 40

Brown Bear – The Ogre Road (Just South and slightly west of the Ogre road Waypoint, on the junction where the Path spits into a “Y”)

EagleBento Canyon (south west of Taylor’s Bivouac waypoint)

RavenVarim’s Run (End of the jump puzzle)

Pig Stronghold of Ebonhawke (Southwest corner in the fields)

Warthog Hunter’s Gorge : Southeastern corner of the ogre camp. Inside hut guarded by Ogre Hunter.

Red MoaOtyugh’s Kraal – After you defeat Champion Chief Otyugh

Blue Moa Otyugh’s Kraal – After you beat Champion Chief Otyugh

Hyena The Ogre Road – west of the Ogre road waypoint, at the point of the first heart you encounter


Blazeridge Steppes 40 – 50

Black Bear – Terra Carorunda

Salamander DrakeTumok’s Last Stand on the shores of the river, Relliatus Canyon in the small stream to the west of the canyon

Iron Marches 50 – 60

Carrion Devourer Champion’s Shield From the Old Piken Ruins Waypoint, the Juvenile Carrion Devourers can be found at 45° from top-center (2:30 on clock rotation). If you are looking at the map, they are very close to the ‘d’ in the word “Champion’s Shield” on the map.

Salamander DrakeLake Carnifex In the water.

HawkEbbing Heart Run

Forest Spider Hellion Forest (Just south of the waypoint)


Fireheart Rise 60 -70

Owl Highland Rise, Icespear’s Shelf (At Icespear’s Waypoint)

WarthogBuloh Crossing (Northeast of Vidius Castrum Waypoint), Havoc Steppes (East of Atrox Castrum)

Red MoaApostate Wastes by Apostate Waypoint, Rebel’s Seclusion (Breaktooth’s Waypoint)



Lion’s Arch

PigFarshore Ward

Krytan DrakehoundWestern Ward

Armoured Fish – In the tunnels near the Order of Whispers POI, have to swim down a couple levels.

Blue Jelly FishSanctum Harbor (east of Diverse Ledges waypoint in water)

Divinity’s Reach

PigEastern Common (west of the orchestra), Ossan Quarter

Krytan DrakehoundRurikton (Minister Wi’s estate), Western Commons



Queensdale 1 – 17

River Drake – Western Divinity Dam (on the southern shore and in the water)

BoarAltar Brook Vale, The Heartwoods (Between the two hills northeast of Claypool)

Pig – – Township of Claypool

Forest Spider Queen’s Forest (on a hill south-east of the Hunting Lodge heart – within sight of the lodge, half way to the waterworks, where the Champion Queen Spider can be found)

Krytan DrakehoundShire of Beetletun


Kessex Hills 15 -25

Brown Bear – Cereboth Canyon (Northwest of the Cereboth Canyon Waypoint and southwest of the Vista marker) Halacon Cataracts (In the fields between the southern road and the falls, southeast of the heart)

River Drake Cereboth Canyon (along the river)

EagleEarthlord’s Gap (Beside the Gap Waypoint), Sojourner’s Way (Southeast of the Sojourner’s Way Waypoint, on either side of the road)

Shark – Viathan’s Arm, Viathan’s Lake


Gendarran Fields 25 – 35

Brown Bear  – Talajian Piedmont,

River DrakeLake Bounty (Stonefish Beach),  Witherflank River,

EagleOverlook Caverns (At the vista, and below the vista on the cliffs)

PigCornucopian Fields

WarthogVigilant Hills

Krytan DrakehoundAscalon Settlement


Harathi Hinterlands 35 -45

Brown Bear Hangman’s Saddle (Slightly west of the Barricade Camp waypoint)

EagleWildspine Hills (Just north, on the right fork of the road)

Cave Spider Bonerattler Caverns


Bloodtide Coast 45 – 55

River Drake Firth of Revanion

EagleRisewild Hills (Northeast corner, in partial cave with trolls), Whisperwill Bogs (In Rihann’s Respite)

Blue Moa Stormbluff Isle (North Side), Flooded Castavall (Southeast of the waypoint on the beach)


Maguma Jungle


Rata Sum

SaimothTark Hall (On the south end)

Pink MoaFrick Hall (The north side of the bottom level of the primary structure)

Red Jelly Fish Antidawn Anchorage / Dawnside Quay / Rata Sum Port Authority

The Grove

Pink Moa Ronan’s Bower

Fern Hound Upper Commons, Scholar’s Terrace, Reckoner’s Terrace


Caledon Forest 1 – 15

Marsh Drake Wychmire Swamp (Northwest Corner; northwest of Falias Thorp itself),

Jungle StalkerSandycove Beach (west of Bay Haven), Willowalk Groves (due south of Lionguard Waystation)

Pink MoaQuetzal Bay (Northwest of the Morgatl Grounds POI, near the shore), Treemarch Estuary (Northeast of the Heart, on the shoreline), Ventry Bay (Southeast of the Mabon Market equipment repairer, on the beach)

Jungle Spider Morgan’s Spiral (Have to complete the jumping puzzle in the middle of the spiral to get to the location; there are also several in Falias Thorp), The Rowanwoods (Head west of the Kraitbane Haven Waypoint.)

Fern HoundTrader’s Green (Slightly northeast of the Town of Cathal Waypoint)


Metrica Province 1 – 15

Marsh DrakeAkk Wilds (East of the Akk Wilds Waypoint, by the waterfall),

Jaguar Akk Wilds (North of the Skill Point and south of the Cuatl Waypoint)

Boar Artergon Woods (Near Artergon Waypoint, near the river)

Pink MoaObscura Incline (Directly southeast of the Old Golem Factory Waypoint)

Jungle SpiderGreyfern Expanses (By the water between Artergon Woods and Greyfern Expanses)

Brisban Wildlands 15 – 25

Murellow –  Brilitine Swath (East of the Brilitine Swath Waypoint, underground in Skrittsatawney)

JaguarThe Shattered Henge (Just north of Scholar Issa Farone)

SaimothVenlin Vale (In the middle of the fields of Venlin Vale, in the same area as Juvenile Pink Moas)

Pink Moa – Venlin Vale (In the middle of the fields of Venlin Vale, in the same area as Juvenile Siamoths)

Jungle SpiderHidden Lake (Along the shores south and east of the Skill Point)


Sparkfly Fen 55 – 65

Marsh Drake Saltflood Mire (Southwest corner) Leeshore Gauntlet – near  Leemoola

SaimothAstrozintli Forelands (Far eastern edge), Thundertroll Swamp (Jinotl Deadgrounds)

Fern HoundDarkweather Rise (They are found around the Brackwater Waypoint village), Thundertroll Swamp (At Dryground Waypoint)


Mount Maelstrom 60 – 70

Pink MoaBard’s Valley (Located right at bard’s waypoint.)

Murellow – Quandry Scratch(Enter the cave north of Bard’s Waypoint and there will be 3 Murellowes located on the plateau in the cave)

Jungle StalkerThe Stychs (Just south of Malxa Pyronetics)





Polar Bear Lake Mourn (On the southern shore of the lake)

Snow Leopard Peeta’s Gate (North & East of the gate towards the Snow Leopard Lodge)

RavenRaven Lodge (Outside the entrance to the Lodge)

Alpine Wolf  Wolf Lodge (Inside the Lodge, up the stairs on the right, inside a small pen on the outside)


Wayfarer Foothills 1 -15

Arctodus  Frusenfell Creek (East and slightly south of the Vendrake’s Homestead waypoint) Moleberia (In a building behind a veteran dredge in the north of the cave)

Brown Bear – Borealis Forest (In the sacred bear shrine)

Ice Drake -In the river between Grawlenfjord / Outcast’s Cleft

On either side of the river between Darkriven Bluffs / Taigan Groves

Snow Leopard Borealis Forest

RavenSnowlord’s Gate (Raven’s shrine by the larger statue)

Alpine WolfOutcast’s Cleft (Wolf Shrine, by the heart)



Snowden Drifts 15 – 25

Ice Drake, Valslake (Northeast of the Valslake Waypoint, along the shore)

LynxHrothgar’s Pass Follow the road North East of the Snowdrift Waypoint and they will be at the peak of the road.

Owl Owl’s AbattoirSong of Final Exile (East of the Exile Waypoint, just north of where the road splits)

White Moa Vitpeln Hills (South of the Torstvedt Homestead Waypoint)


Lornar’s Pass 25 -40

ArctodusNentor Valley (Near the Ravenbeak Shrine PoI), The Thunderhorns (Near entrance to Icedevil’s Needle)

Ice DrakeFalse Lake

Snow LeopardIcedevil’s Needle (South of Icedevil’s Waypoint – exit the cave and turn north up the mountain when you can you’ll run into adults and cubs first, then juveniles)

White MoaWinterthaw Snowfield (North of Winterthaw Waypoint), Lyot’s Herd

Cave Spider Frostgate Falls, Windy Cave, Iron hammer’s Crypt

Alpine WolfThe Godspurs (In a cave to the right of the waypoint), The Thunderhorns (South of the peak, north of the road)

Dredgehaunt Cliffs 40 – 50

Murellow Dissun’s Mine

Ice DrakeWyrmblood Lake (Northwest corner)

LynxGraupel Kohn Just east of the Havfrue Basin Waypoint.

Owl The Wide Expanse at Raven’s Wing Shrine

Timberline Falls 50 – 60

Ice DrakeGyre Rapids

EagleKrongar Pass (close to the path leading to the Moot)

Alpine WolfBynebrachen, Krongar Pass (close to the path leading to the Moot)


Frostgorge Sound 70 – 80

Polar BearRefuge Shore

Snow Leopard Leopard’s Tail Valley

White Moa Glacial Collapse (among regular white moa)



Lashtail Devourer

Straits of DevastationLightfoot Passage

Marsh Drake

Eternal BattlegroundsJerrifer’s Slough

Salamander Drake

Eternal BattlegroundsIn the trench just north of Blue Team Hill Waypoint (south of Bravost Escarpment)


Eternal BattlegroundsGolanta Clearing


Eternal Battlegrounds in Umberglade Woods



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