Troubleshooting TP

Problems with the GW2 TP are common but thankfully most can be resolved by logging out and in again. If that fails to help, follow these tips to troubleshoot the trading post.

TP is a website that loads into the game client using a derivative of the Chromium web browser called Awesomium.

As such, problems with the trading post can result from this browser not properly logging in, not being able to create a secure connection, being blocked by a firewall, not having sufficient permissions to run, or its files or cache becoming damaged.

Close GW2 before each step below, and check if TP will load after each step.

  1. Reboot your router
  2. Show hidden files and folders, then go to C:\Users\[your-username]\AppData\Local\Temp. Delete the folder beginning gw2cache
  3. Right-click your GW2 shortcut and Run As Administrator
  4. Temporarily disable your AV/firewall

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