Last Stand At Southsun (Updated)

And beginning June 5, a hulking monstrosity joins the fray—without your help, it will destroy the settlers and everything they’ve built!

Update: ArenaNet have posted a general guide to the Southsun story, and Dulfy has a guide on both the single player and 5-man dungeon instances.

Note: The original announcement listed 5th June as the start of the Karka Queen event, but the more recent guide lists 4th June.

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The Secret Of Southsun

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Molten Weapons Facility

The dungeon is only around until 12th May, so get in there quick!

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Flame & Frost: Retribution

Highlights of the upcoming 30th April patch include:

  • New Story Dungeon – Molten Weapon Facilities!
  • Limited BETA – Custom PvP Arenas & Spectator Mode
  • New World vs. World Abilities
  • New Guild Missions
  • Guild Siege Weapons and Back Banners
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Super Adventure Box April 1st-30th!

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Guild Bounty: The [LIFE] Plan

To ensure all our guildies can get some cool loot, we’ll be running Guild Bounty a little differently from now on.

The plan is to run the harder T3 once per week. We will require no scouting so you only need to dedicate 15 minutes. Please be on time! We will pick the easiest target of 6, everyone will find and kill, and receive full personal rewards.

In addition we will regularly run the new Bounty Training missions to help [LIFE] work towards more cool content such as Guild Rush and Guild Puzzles!

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Flame And Frost: The Razing

The new patch will launch 26th March, mostly updating WvW and the Living Story, but this little excerpt looks good for Guild Missions on quieter days:

Bounty Hunt Training missions are perfect for a new or small guild looking to work their way up to bigger challenges.

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